Mommy, Why Does Everyone Say that Milk Makes You Stronger?


Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last Reader Advice Day post. I'm thrilled to report that "Emily" is doing much better now and is very grateful for everyone's help.

"Thank you so much for all the advice on your blog and in this email! I do have a lot of weight to lose probably close to 70 lbs and I have been really enjoying all the yummy plant strong food I have been eating. I got interested in this style of eating from my good friend Beth [name changed]. I saw her change drastically and while I have spent years trying Weight Watchers with minimal effect her change was immediate. This week is my spring break (I am a teacher) so I have been taking this time to try lots of new dishes and I am feeling great! I have so much energy and really love the food I am eating. I feel full and I do not feel obsessed with tracking points and then feeling discouraged when I fail! I really appreciate all the comments and help so thank you! "

You are so welcome "Emily!" We're nothing without each other. If it wasn't for a supportive internet community, I don't know where I would be today with my health.

This morning my seven year old daughter Maya asked, "Mommy, why does everyone say that milk makes you stronger?"

It seems that her class is doing a unit on nutrition, specifically the USDA Food Pyramid, and she has been giving her teacher a real run for her money. She's been speaking up in class, sharing alternate views on matters of nutrition. Her teacher doesn't know what the heck Maya's talking about.

And I'm not at all surprised. Coming off of a ten day road trip, I have really had my eyes reopened to the pathetic state of food in America. I was left kind of depressed and a little pissed off. It feels like the world has forgotten what a vegetable is, as evidenced by the little that is available that is not from an animal or some sort of processed carbohydrate. It's like the only safe place is in our homes.

Or not.

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