So You Don’t Like to Cook but You Want to be Plant Strong?


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During the few years that I have been blogging, I have gotten countless requests for easy recipes and questions from readers like, "What do I do if I don't like to cook or don't have the time to cook?"

And I never had an answer for those readers, because, in my mind, healthy cooking was scratch cooking using raw ingredients and that just takes, well, a decent amount of time. I didn't really believe there was any other way.

But something had been on my radar for quite a while--a video called "Jeff Novick's Fast Food." To be totally honest, when I saw the price of the video (about $25.00 plus shipping and handling) I was thinking, "I don't really need to see this, I know how to cook awesome plant strong meals and it doesn't matter how long it takes."

Well, that thinking was probably penny wise and pound foolish.

And it was still a few years before this promotional video for the Fast Food Series circulated around Facebook. After watching it, I finally broke down and excitedly purchased not only "Jeff Novick's Fast Food" but also his new video, "Jeff Novick's Fast Food--Burgers and Fries." These girls are so adorable, and the tune they sing so catchy, that I gladly forked over more than $50 for the set. How funny am I?

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