Jeff Novick’s Simple Recipes on Facebook and Reminder!


Thank you all so much for that HUGE, warm and revealing response to my last post. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm not able to respond to all of your comments individually, but I have read and savored each and every one of them. And they give me strength and inspiration to keep going, to keep trying to do it better and to not beat myself up too much.

Before I sign off for the weekend (we've got lots of travel and lots of family fun in store), I want to mention a few things.

First, if you haven't ordered your set of Jeff Novick's Fast Food videos at 20% off for HGK readers, your time is running out! Don't miss these videos--I'm reinvigorated after watching them. I needed something to lift my cooking spirits this summer and these videos did the trick. I'm so excited to get home after work each day just to see what's going to happen in my kitchen in 15 minutes. You've got until Sunday night and then the discount goes bye-bye.

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