Back to School Muffins-Oil Free, Vegan, Banana-Zucchini Muffins

Our Aunt Viv has been doing a lot of baking and freezing lately, preparing for the large family reunion that we have coming up over Labor Day Weekend. When she told me what she was doing, I was thinking, "Why don't I ever bake and freeze?"
Probably because there's never enough left over to have any left to freeze.
But this time I was determined. Due in part the the huge Farmer's Market zucchinis ($1.00 each) that are filling up my refrigerator and the giant mound of ripening bananas on my counter (trying desperately to get some into the freezer for smoothies and frozen banana soft serve), I decided to double batch it. So thirty six amazing muffins baked in my oven this afternoon.
I also thought that no-oil, vegan zucchini-banana muffins might make a nice addition to the three lunchboxes that I pack every day once school starts. It certainly beats a lot of other things that could make it into their lunchboxes.
How many will make it into the freezer?

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