The Pressure to Own a Pressure Cooker

About eighteen months ago I purchased a pressure cooker. It was during the time when we were renovating our kitchen.
Knowing absolutely nothing about pressure cooking, I got all confused and thought that all pressure cookers were electrical appliances (like a blender or a crock pot) and that I could plug it into an outlet, which would have been perfect since that was how I was doing all of our cooking for eleven weeks.
Imagine my surprise when I received my new pressure cooker and realized there are two types of pressure cookers--one type which does plug into an outlet and the other type which you put over heat from a gas or electric range, neither of which I had access too. I ordered the second type. Since I'm the kind of person that is usually too lazy to return anything that I have purchased, I naturally decided to hang onto my new, yet totally useless for me, pressure cooker.

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