Brown Rice Bowl with Crispy Tofu, Veggies and Peanut Sauce


I've been pretty distracted from HGK lately, what with the holidays, the kids being off for spring break, and general life getting in the way. Plus I've been preparing a lot of my tried and true recipes (Mock Chopped Liver and Mina de Masa, to name a few). Not much to report blog wise! Except maybe that trip we took to Great Wolf Lodge where the food available was so abominable that when I was describing it to my friend Chris-Anna I actually started to cry. How is it that as a society we have devolved so far?

Home cooking is definitely where it's at for me these days. There's really no restaurant that I desire to eat at in Cleveland, unless you count the Whole Foods salad bar. Last night's slow food dinner is something that I have been wanting to mention on HGK for many months now. It all started with that visit to Northstar Cafe in Columbus, OH where my daughter and I shared their famous beet burger and an extraordinarily delicious rice bowl. I vowed to learn how to recreate the bowl in my own kitchen, for I just could not live without this in my life. And it's not very often that we get down to Columbus.

This recipe is not, as they say, rocket science.

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