Finally Fattoush!


Fattoush is a Middle Eastern bread salad made from toasted or fried pieces of pita bread combined with mixed greens and other vegetables. This salad is very popular here in Cleveland as we have a wonderful chain of Lebanese restaurants. Yes, I know last week I said I didn't want to eat in any restaurant in Cleveland, but there is one exception called Aladdin's Eatery. They make this incredible Fattoush salad that I ate for years thinking it must be healthy and low in calories, until . . .

that day when I found out that one Aladdin's Fattoush Salad had 1018 calories. I was shocked. Floored. Angry.

How could something that seemed so healthy be so high calorie? Incidentally, when I researched the calorie count of the salad for this blog posting, I saw that Aladdin's has added the calorie count of the Fattoush Salad without the dressing to their nutritional information menu. Lose the dressing and the salad comes in at a much more reasonable 293 calories.

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