Reader Advice Day: Problems Digesting Raw Food


Greetings Everybody!

I'm working on a post about the lecture that I heard from Dr. Neal Barnard last Wednesday evening about preventing Alzheimer's, but that's not ready yet.

This past weekend my husband, three kids and I took a road trip to New Jersey to visit with my extended family for my mother's 80th and my father's 87th birthdays. We hired a private chef to cook 25 people a combination Vegan and Omnivore meal at my brother's house. It was quite a success in my estimation! I was so not stressed out like I would have been with my 5 and 8 year olds in a restaurant where they would have been miserable after the first ten minutes. Instead, they were out in my brother's back yard playing basketball with all of their cousins and having fun on a playground. It was a dream! And the Vegan options were delicious too.

So today I am here with a very specific question from a reader. She's got major issues with raw foods, and given that fact that raw food is a fundamental part of being Plant-strong and/or a Nutritarian, it's no wonder that she's bummed about it. Here's what Candyce wrote in:

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