Reader Advice Day: How to Handle OPJ in the House


I received a very interesting e-mail today that I just had to share with everyone. I have a feeling that we all struggle with this issue from one direction or another, unless you live in a household of one: OPJ (Other People's Junk).

Here's the email:

I have a very challenging situation at home. My husband and I are trying stick with a plant based, healthy diet as much as possible. We are drinking green smoothies, eating lots of salads and great soups, etc.

He has been telling me for weeks that he wants to eat better. I have been feeling kind of defensive because I do all the shopping and food prep. It is as if he is telling me I am doing a poor job and I think I am doing great.

So this morning I snapped. I said you need to give me a list of the things you ate in college when you were 'eating so much better' and I will buy those things. Keep in mind this was almost 30 years ago . . . nobody I knew ate kale, chard and many other amazing foods widely available now.

Well, it had nothing to do with a lack of the best food options available . . . it is about the kids? food. Both of our kids are VERY thin. I?m talking call child protective services thin. They eat LOTS of veggies, fruits and whole grains, but I also want them to eat as much high calorie dense foods as they will tolerate. So I keep crackers, ice cream, cheese, chips, protein bars, etc. in the house. I was like this as a kid too. Our pediatrician says it is in their genes.

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