Rip Esselstyn’s New Book: My Beef With Meat and Giveaway!

My copy of Rip Esselstyn's new book, My Beef with Meat arrived last week. It was hand delivered by Rip's sister Jane, one of the funniest, most passionate and most memorable people I have ever met. Jane was the mastermind behind the recipe section of this new Engine 2 book. I've eaten her dishes on a variety of occasions and I am always blown away by her food. No one eating Jane's food would ever feel deprived on a Plant-strong diet.
I've known about this book for a really long time. It was a few years ago already that I was asked by Jane to submit a recipe or two for it. But what I had thought was going to be a cookbook turned out to be so much more (but it is full of recipes--145 new Plant-strong recipes to be exact!). It's really a book about all of the possible questions and concerns a person might have about eating a completely Plant-strong diet, and then the current scientific answers to all of those questions.

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