Unprocessed Winners Announced and Chef Aj Responds to Your Questions


Dear Friends,

Thank you for the overwhelming responses to Wendy?s awesome blog post. I wish I could respond to each one of you personally, but that?s just not possible right now, so I thought I would answer the questions that keep coming up. Wendy already addressed HOW to easily cook your greens in the Instant Pot so to that I will just add that it?s always a good idea to have an extra bag pre-steamed in the refrigerator for days that you just don?t have the 4 minutes in the morning to make them. I generally eat mine plain, but on days that I don?t feel like eating them I add a flavored vinegar. My favorites are Wild Blueberry and Ripe Peach from 41 Olive and Tangerine from The Olive Tap, which was a gift from Ann Esslestyn. When you add these flavored vinegars I swear it tastes just like dessert!!!

The idea behind having greens be the first thing you eat every day is that it sets the tone for the day. It doesn?t have to be kale, it could be any green vegetable, even broccoli, Brussels Sprouts or cabbage. You just want to eat the vegetables BEFORE you eat anything else. The United States is the only country where eating veggies for breakfast seems weird. Every other country I have ever visited served me vegetables for breakfast. I taught at Rancho La Puerta in February and for breakfast they served me steamed vegetables, corn tortillas and beans. In Japan I was served miso soup, rice and salad. Only in America does breakfast have to be something sickeningly sweet. You want to always start your day in the most nutrient dense way. It?s not that you can ONLY eat kale, it?s just that you want to eat your veggies FIRST. If you are truly hungry after you eat your pound of greens, then eat something else. But don?t eat until you are truly hungry. Make a commitment to try it for just 30 days and see if it makes a difference in your cravings and overeating.

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