The Eat to Live Cookbook Project: Purple Monster Smoothie


I've made four of the smoothies from the Eat to Live Cookbook so far this week. The Apple Oatberry Smoothie, the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie, the Orange Creamsicle Blended Salad and now this, the Purple Monster Smoothie. Actually, I've now made the Purple Monster Smoothie twice.

The first time, I used Romaine lettuce instead of the Boston lettuce that the recipe called for, because Boston lettuce is not something that I stock in my refrigerator. The smoothie had a very off putting taste and I decided I needed to make it again with the Boston lettuce.

So I did, this morning. The good news? I found out that my eight year old daughter LOVES Boston lettuce! I've been giving her bowlfuls and will now keep it as a staple green in our house.

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