The Eat to Live Cookbook Project: Cauliflower Spinach Mashed Potatoes


Hey guys. I'm back here this afternoon to talk about one very tasty dish from the Eat to Live Cookbook. If you have ever used cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes, you wouldn't be the first. Something tells me that I have tried doing this in the past, without much success, but this recipe was a different story--I really enjoyed it!

I also want to report back about something amazing that has been happening since I started this journey almost three weeks ago. I have not used salt once in my cooking the entire time and I haven't missed it at all. Having a selection of salt-substitutes has been the trick, and the one that I used for this recipe is perfect. It's called Table Tasty by Benson's and it has a cheesiness to it due to having nutritional yeast as one of the ingredients, along with a lot of other herbs and spices. You can check out that product through the Amazon link that follows, it's great to have it in your Nutritarian arsenal. I was lucky enough to be gifted a large bag of Table Tasty the last time Chef Aj visited my home, and I'm quickly working my way through it with all of this Eat to Live cooking.

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