The Eat to Live Cookbook Project: Apple Bok Choy Salad


With this recipe from the Eat to Live Cookbook, it was love at first bite. Which I wasn't expecting because when I was chopping all of the bok choy, I decided to taste a piece. I just wondered what raw bok choy tasted like--and I wasn't too impressed. It has that sulphury taste that cruciferous vegetables all have, in a really big way. Kind of like raw cauliflower, but not exactly the same. I was worried, especially since I was investing all of this time in the prep and money in the ingredients!

But I was totally happy with the finished product. It kind of reminded me of those broccoli salads with cashews and a sweet creamy dressing that you would get in the prepared deli section of a chain supermarket, but with none of the offending ingredients that those salads have.

This one's a real winner!

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