The Eat to Live Cookbook Project: Dr. Fuhrman’s Famous Anticancer Soup

I finally made Dr. Fuhrman's Anticancer Soup this past weekend. I was expecting a difficult experience, but honestly, it just wasn't that hard.

Using bottled organic carrot juice makes it cheaper and easier than juicing 5 pounds of carrots, but I found out that juicing the celery was pretty darned quick and easy. I don't know why I am so scared of my juicer. I also like using frozen leeks from Trader Joe's instead of dealing with washing and chopping fresh leeks (a lot of which goes in the garbage because a considerable amount of a leek is unusable and you pay for them by the pound).

On the recommendation of Tami from Nutmeg Notebook, I used all of the cashews that the recipe called for (one cup). I was glad I did, because in the end, I had 15 servings of the soup (30 cups total, I consider 2 cups of soup to be a serving), not 10 servings like the recipe had indicated. I did use quite a bit more chopped mushroom than the recipe called for (I used 20 ounces of mushrooms), which was perfect for this volume of soup.

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