The Eat to Live Cookbook Project: Pesto Salad Dressing


Every once in a while I have to have a gut check with myself to remind myself why I really blog.

This is going to come off sounding really selfish, but . . .

I blog for me.

Every blogging choice that I make? Totally self-centered. If what I blog about is of interest to you and helps you in any way on your journey, bonus!

This Eat to Live Cookbook Project? I'm doing it for me. To keep me on the path, focused and inspired, when I want to poop out and shove pizza into my pie hole. And sometimes do.

So if I confess that I ate something (or many things) that are off "the plan," it's because blogging (which includes Facebook) about something and being publicly honest helps me to get up each and every day and reaffirm my intention to eat a healthy diet. Some days are WAY better than others. But I'd be nowhere without you blog.

And by "blog" I really mean YOU. The folks who come here every day, every week or every once in a while to check out how I'm doin' or what's goin' on over here at Healthy Girl's Kitchen.

So I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart.

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