Chop Chop!

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Ever since discovering the Vitamix, it's not very often that I get ridiculously excited about a kitchen appliance.

But then this happened:

The Chef'n VeggiChop.

I first saw it in the private Ultimate Weight Loss group on Facebook. One very awesome member of UWL, Debra from Long Island, actually took the time to make a demonstration video of how she uses this hand held chopper to make her VFB (Veggies for Breakfast). Debra makes a beautiful chopped salad with cruciferous vegetables--think red cabbage and cauliflower and other stuff, with some beans and hummus--and happily eats this every morning.

I was so inspired! I wanted to share Debra's video with you here on HGK, and Debra was so kind to send it to me, but I am such a tech dummy that I couldn't figure out how to get it up on the blog. So I prayed that there would be a few demo videos on YouTube to share with you today and we lucked out!

Here's how this simple machine works:

I'm so excited to add another variation to my VFB routine, a la Debbie's salads, but I might even be more excited about making my own salt free salsas quickly and easily. I haven't been able to find any salt free salsas in my area-either canned or the salsa fresca type, and I've got a few recipes that I am just itching to try.

So there you go. I guess I do need another kitchen appliance after all! (I might even get two, because this is one thing that's perfect for travel.)


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