Meet Karen, an Ultimate Weight Loss Success Story

Good morning! Today I would like to introduce you to my friend Karen. When I met Karen 16 years ago in Los Angeles at our local YMCA, my husband immediately began calling her "your one true friend." That name stuck, and whenever Karen's name has come up in our home, "my one true friend" is never far behind. There was just something very deep about our soul connection from the start. Karen is a kind, spiritual, intelligent and truly special human being.
About a year ago, Karen followed my lead when I encouraged her to contact Chef AJ about the Ultimate Weight Loss program. Here's what happened when she did!
I LOVE YOU KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy and I met in 1999 in Los Angeles when we were pregnant with our children (who are about to turn 16!!) We became fast friends and have kept in touch even though we no longer live in the same city. I have had a lot of struggles with my weight over the years, and Wendy and I successfully attended Weight Watchers back in Y2K after our children were born and lost the weight we wanted to lose. Sadly I could not maintain my food restrictions and put the weight back on over the years.
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